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Solutions for TN allergy problemsAfter a cold and dreary winter, most Hixson residents are ready for warmer spring temperatures and to get out and enjoy the beautiful Tennessee outdoors.  Unfortunately outdoors are were many allergens live and our area is known for more than its fair share of allergy issues.

Spring doesn’t have to mean allergy woes though.  Here are some ways you can keep those pesky allergies at bay so you can get out and have fun!

Sneeze No More!

Approximately 40 to 60 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies each year, and East Tennessee can be especially bad with our wide variety of local trees and plants, including the beautiful, but sneeze-inducing Bradford Pear tree.

Did you know that your allergies can actually develop and evolve over time? In fact, you may never have suffered allergy issues when you were younger and now even a small amount of pollen can bring on a full blown allergy attack with sneezing, runny nose, headaches and more.

Because of this, it’s always good to stay up-do-date on options for finding relief from seasonal allergies, especially since you never know when they might strike.

The first thing you can do is keep a barrier between you and the pesky pollen whenever possible. As much as it might be tempting to open your car or house windows on a nice, Spring day, it’s important to keep them closed when the pollen count is high. By closing doors and windows, you are helping to keep the pollen out of your car or home, which can cause your allergies to flare up. Instead, it’s just best to use your air conditioner or a house fan to stay cool.  You may also consider purchasing high efficiency filters for your home heating and air system, which can trap those pollen particles.  Visit your local hardware store in the Hixson and Dallas Bay, TN area to find out more about these filters.

Second, you might not realize it, but when you come home from running errands around town or taking a stroll in the neighborhood, you are most likely carrying pollen with you. From your hair to your clothes and shoes, the pollen particles can be taking over your personal space without you even knowing it.

To help alleviate the continual sneezing, itching and scratching that pollen might bring, it is best to come home, shower and change your clothes to help ensure you are not continuing to breathe in the pollen you brought home with you.

Finally, while it is important to get outside and enjoy the sun and get some beneficial vitamin D, it’s also important to be mindful when heading out to help ensure you are not setting yourself up for a full blown allergy attack.

Since pollen counts are usually higher in the morning hours between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., it’s best when possible for allergy sufferers to wait until after late morning to head outdoors to help prevent allergic reactions and enjoy the day.

Control Your Allergies Today!

Don’t let your allergies stand in the way of having some Spring fun.  Hixson has a wide range of outdoor areas and activities to enjoy, and with a little education and protection, you can enjoy them sneeze-free!

Visit AFC Urgent Care of Hixson today and let us help you beat the allergy blues and enjoy the Spring weather. 

Contact us if you have any questions or visit our if you are a first time visitor, go to our What To Expect page for more information.

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